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PC Monitor brackets and stands

PC Monitor brackets and stands

Is your computer monitor at the correct height? 

Do you need to free-up some desk space? 

The increase in working from home has frequently required adjusting some table space to accommodate a separate monitor screen, plus often an additional keyboard and mouse.

Whether you are in the office or working from home, to help make your working environment more comfortable, consider mounting your PC monitor screen on a bracket which clamps to the back of your desk.  This quick and easy solution allows you to adjust the height of your screen to be comfortable for you, and help avoid neck strain.  There is also the option of a dual arm bracket if you have two monitors.Monitor arm on desk

Mounting your PC monitor on to an arm not only gives you more flexibility, but also allows you to reclaim some precious desk space.

If you are not able to clamp a bracket to your table or desk, then consider using a monitor desk stand.  These purpose designed stands are both smart and functional, not only raising the height of your screen to make it far more comfortable to use, but also incorporating space underneath where you can store your keyboard when not in use.

PC monitor desk stands are available in different styles and finishes, and come in standard single height, or incorporating an additional shelf.  Some also have a slot where you can conveniently stand your mobile phone.

Monitor on a desk stand

A comfortable, ergonomic working environment is important to avoid unnecessary neck strain or bad posture.  Using either a monitor arm, or a desk stand to place your screen at the correct height is a simple, inexpensive way to improve your work area, and keep you comfortable whilst you work.

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